How to Get My Records

DD Form 214 Report of Separation *

1. Print Request Form  [SF-180 “Request Pertaining to Military Records”]


2. Fill out Request Form (SF-180)

  • Section I: Self-explanatory.
    • Service Dates should be at least month/year
    • Service Number = Social Security Number
    • Section II
      • Paragraph 1., check “DD Form 214,” fill in the year issued, and check “Undeleted.”
      • Don’t request more than one type record per SF-180. Use separate SF-180s to request Personnel or Medical records. (See below.)
      • Section III
        • If homeless, use a friend’s address or ask your local homeless shelter or soup kitchen.
        • Sign, Date and include a contact number and/or email address


3. Fax or Mail your request to National Personnel Record Center (NPRC)

  • Fax to: 314-801-9195

  • Mail to: (See SF-180, page 2 for applicable mailing address.)


4. How long will it take?

  • If you fax the request, 10-14 days.
  • If you mail the request, 14-21 days.
  • If you haven’t received by this time, call the NPRC to check status.


5. How can I check the status of my request?

  • NPRC Customer Service Center Email Address:
  • NPRC Customer Service Line:  314-801-0800


6. NPRC Web Site: 


7. Once you receive your 2 “Certified” copies, take one of them to your local County Recorder’s office.  They will take a day or so to record your DD 214 and will then return your original to you.  This will enable you to obtain additional certified copies from your County Recorder’s office any time you may need them!

 * Next of Kin: For “Next of Kin” see Section III. Must include “proof of death” with request.


 Personnel Records ** 
  • Repeat the above procedure using the SF-180.
  • Section II: Check “All documents in Official Military Personnel File”
  • Fax or Mail same as step 3. above.
  • Time to obtain Personnel Records may be substantially longer than DD 214. 
   Call NPRC for status.
Medical Records **
  • Repeat the above procedure using the SF-180.
  • Section II: Check “Medical Records”
  • Fax or Mail same as step 3. Above.
  • Time to obtain Medical Records may be substantially longer than DD 214. 
   Call NPRC for status.
** “Special Notice from NPRC to Veterans and Family Members
regarding requests for copies of military personnel and/or medical files.”
“Since the 1970s, our standard procedure for replying to requests for entire files has been to provide only copies of key documents and extracts of vital information, rather than a copy of every document in a personnel and/or medical file. This approach avoids costly delays in reviewing and copying some documents -- such as leave papers, identification card applications, and clothing issuances – that are not normally needed for benefit claim purposes. As a result, we are able to respond to more requesters, faster, and at less cost to the taxpayers.”
( To read more, go to: )
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