"Renewing Our Strength"

Seminars for Supporters



To deliver half-day educational seminars to any church, ministry, or organization wishing to learn effective ways of engaging in ministry to help bring strength and healing to military members and families.

Seminars for Supporters are designed specifically to educate, sensitize and inspire participants with regard to the issues of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and the needs of those who suffer from these afflictions.  The seminars promote proactive approaches for related ministries. Lead presenters include veterans and subject matter experts.

If you’re interested in a tapping into a means of super-charging your ministry to effectively address the unique needs of your military members and their families, this seminar is for you! 

 Seminar Format

  • Opening Testimony by a Combat Veteran
  • The Nature of the Silent Suffering Among You: Multi-media Presentation
  • What is Combat Stress? PTSD? TBI? A Clinical Professional's Briefing
  • How to Proactively & Effectively Engage the Needs: Interactive Briefing
  • Access to all of the First Class Resources You Will Need!


    Who should attend?


Anyone interested in "Supporting our Troops" should attend. We believe the Lord will help you focus your ministry activities for maximum effect via your Holy Spirit-inspired passion, energized by our seminar.

What will we need from you?

  • Meeting Room with Lecturn
  • Projection Screen
  • Literature Table
  • Refreshements
  • Four Hours of your time...


Contact Information

To schedule a Seminar or for more information,

 please contact The Rev. Canon Michael Williams

(Canon Mike) at revmwilliams777@aol.com or 719-649-8764.


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